Young researchers from all over Europe as guests

 (27th February 2020)

Mayor Frank Fillbrunn invited 60 international student researchers into the new town hall. Six schools from Austria, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Denmark and Turkey came to Pforzheim for the ,,Erasmus +,, – project that had the name ,,European Challenges in Modern Genetic and Epigenetic”. In the foreground of the project week was the laboratory work, in which a genetic fingerprint is created and genetic information gets taken and isolated from the Oral mucous membrane cells.

Experiment for Europe

Students from seven countries meet up for the international Biotechnology congress that was financed by the European Union. Besides the main topic, the genetic fingerprint, are cultural exchanges and company visits part of the program. Hosted was the congress by the German delegation of the students from the Biotechnology work group of the Johanna-Wittum-School under the leadership of Doctor Jürgen Braun

students support nursing home

Students of the Johanna-Wittum-School donated 2000 masks to retirement- and nursing homes. Those masks came from our partner school in Nanjing, China. The city of Nanjing which is our partner school since 8 years collected 4000 masks in one week and donated them to our school and the public. 

The Johanna-Wittum-School as well as the retirement and nursing homes couldn´t thank Nanjing enough

German article about the Brno Meeting from 05.04.-09.04.2022

Pressemitteilung der Johanna-Wittum_Schule