German students researching in US laboratories 2023

From left to right :
Nico Biesinger, Minh Lai, Lilian Lukacs, Dr. Jürgen Braun, Randy LaCross ( assistant principal of the GSSM)

The Johanna-Wittum-Schule offers us the great opportunity to do a
six-week long research internship in America in our major subject biotechnology, says Nico Biesinger, student of the Biotechnological Highschool in Pforzheim.
Together with Lilian Lukacs and Minh Lai, he was selected for this student exchange with the Governor`s School for Science and Mathematics in Hartsville, which has been taking place since 2009. The three Pforzheim students will live at the partner school during their stay from August 16 to September 28. They will complete their research internship at the PEE DEE Research and Education Center at Clemson University in Florence, South Carolina. They will be supervised by renowned scientist Prof. Sachin Rustgi. His research focuses on crop optimization in the context of climate change. This important topic is also currently being discussed in the European Union, says Lilian Lukacs, and she hopes to make a contribution with her research. In addition to our research work, we have the opportunity to improve our language skills and get to know the country and its people as well as the school system, adds Minh Lai.

From left to right :
Randy LaCross ( assistant principal of the GSSM), Grayson Gibson, Minh Lai, Nico Biesinger, Dr. Jürgen Braun, Lilian Lukacs