ErasmusDays 2019 + 2020

ErasmusDays 2019 in Pforzheim 

The ErasmusDays are meetings where schools and other Erasmus active institutions throughout Europe present their projects to the public. In 2019 it tooks place on the 11th October in the library in Pforzheim. The day was organized by the city administration, together with the Pforzheim Erasmus schools. 

The club represented the Johanna-Wittum-School and presented the school partnership project “European Challenges in Modern Genetics and Epigenetics” with two experiments to try. The JWS is working on this project from 1st September of 2019 until 31st August of 2021 together with 5 partner schools from Vienna, Evreux, Brno, Thisted and Vicenza.

From the perspective of the Biotechnology club the Erasmus days in the library was a complete success. It was a great platform for the club students on which they could show the public which experimental topics we are continuing working with our Erasmus school partners in the field of biotechnology. About 50 visitors went home with a necklace which was filled with their own genetic information (DNS), isolated from oral mucous membrane cells which was successfully produced in an experiment in the library.

The event was a lot of fun for everyone involved and Erasmus active people got to know and appreciate each other here in Pforzheim.

Here you can see a Diashow filled with pictures and videos which were taken on the Erasmus day. The city administration was excited to Pipette the DNA in the bags of gel electrophoresis and also to produce a necklace with their own DNA which is shown at the end of the Video