International friendship enables support project

Partner school from Nanjing is sending a support package

The Nanjing Foreign Language School is supporting the JWS in the Corona-crisis.

International friendship enables support project

The Johanna-Wittum-School, in collaboration with the CCI Northern Black Forest,
has an ongoing school partnership with the Nanjing Foreign Language School in
China, which started 8 years ago. This is sponsored by the Rotary Club Pforzheim.
Unfortunately, the exchange for this year has been canceled because of the Corona-
crisis. The German students together with their Chinese host families of the
exchange last year and the partner school have been initiating a donation project,
which should strengthen this partnership. The objective of this project is to send
facemasks from China to Pforzheim.

The teachers and students in Chinese schools must wear the masks as a safety
measurement, which brought up the idea for this project. Therefore, a part of these
masks should prevent the teachers and students of the Johanna-Wittum-School from
getting a Corona infection. Another part of the donation should be made available for
the public.

The principal of the Johanna-Wittum-School, Dr. Ulrike Kagerhuber and the project
leader, Dr. Jürgen Braun are very proud of the special activities of their students
Doreen Beyer, Thu My Doan, Katharina Liebig, Luka Obradovic and Jovana
Topalovska. Their international friendship made the project a reality.

The students from Nanjing reported about their situation, which is currently rather
positive. The school already started in China. However, only the graduation classes 9
and 12 are taking classes. All the teachers and students are wearing face masks.
The students are concerned about the corona crisis in Germany.

The Chinese students offered help to JWS and the responsible colleague in Nanjing
assured this offer to project leader Braun. Together with his students they created a
suggestion for a donation project, whether they could receive facemasks from China.

The donation certificate from the 8 th of April says that the first 2000 masks are on
their way to Pforzheim. The delivery should arrive 5-7 days later. Another 2000
masks have already been sent as the second part of the donation.

Original text written in German by Dr. J. Braun
Translated by Michelle H., Doreen B. and Thu My D.