Vienna 25.11. – 01.12.2018

The Erasmus+ partnership of nine schools met at high school Kollegium Kalksburg in Vienna, Austria. Main purpose of the meeting was the evaluation of the two multimedial, hands on teaching modules that were prepared in Thisted by the consortium.

In the main focus of the evaluation process was a laboratory workshop about the two experiments, production of bio-hydrogen by fermentation and energy production in a microbial fuel cell. Students gained important theoretical background knowledge as well as practical skills in lab work about bio-hydrogen production in an anaerobic fermentation and energy production in a microbial fuel cell driven by yeast.

Furthermore students gave speeches about biochemistry and physics background information to the audit of 60 students and teachers and conducted successful both experiments in the lab. To promote cultural exchange, the students visited the nuclear power station Zwentendorf which was never in progress and the art collection of castle Belvedere.