The AG active at the 2019 Teachers’ Congress of the Baden-Württemberg Chemistry Associations

At the Teachers’ Congress of the Baden-Württemberg Chemistry Associations on 13.11.2019 in the city hall of Nürtingen, the AG was invited to conduct an information forum on the topic of “Genetic Fingerprint” with 26 teachers. All participants were well maintained by the club mentors during the experiment. After successfully completing their laboratory work they received authorization to borrow our experimental set for their lessons.

Due to the time frame of only 75 minutes, we had to modify the experiment slightly and used the Flash gel electrophoresis system. This system very quickly and impressively reveals the “culprit” within a few minutes by means of its DNA band pattern.

In addition to carrying out the experiment, the mentors also gave the participants valuable didactic aids to illustrate the teaching unit in the form of models for the restriction of DNA and gel electrophoresis for the way home. The participants left punctually with the motivation to borrow the experiment set for their lessons in the coming school semester.